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Information for Publishers

IReL is an Irish Government funded initiative providing access to a broad range of journals and information resources by researchers in the 7 Irish universities.


Selection of Resources

Following detailed consultation with researchers and faculty in the 7 universities, the Irish University Association (IUA) Librarians submitted prioritised lists of resources to the funding bodies, SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) and the HEA (Higher Education Authority) for approval. In 2004 approval was given to fund a number of resources in the STM (Science Technology, Medicine) field. A similar exercise was undertaken for the HSS (Humanities & Social Sciences) subject areas in 2006.

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Euro 4.5m per annum was allocated direct to the consortium for the first (STM) phase running from mid 2004 to December 2008. For the second (HSS) phase, approximately Euro 3m was allocated per annum from 2006 to 2009. The Funders specified that:
IReL resources should be in electronic format and be capable of delivery to the researchers desktops
A collaborative approach to purchase should be adopted, through centralised negotiation and administration
Licences should be purchased as a consortium in order to obtain economies of scale and best value for money
Priority is to be given to current journals and databases (as opposed to archival files)

Funds are allocated direct to IRIS, which aims to ensure that all subscriptions are paid annually and on one invoice for all 7 members.

Agreements have been made for between one and three years, with a preference for multi-year agreements which provide greater stability and value for money.

The IReL Monitoring Group constantly reviews usage to inform renewals or content usefulness and also to advise on other models for content acquisition.


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Jisc Collections is contracted to negotiate agreements with a number of publishers. IRIS, the company owned by the IUA Libraries, was tasked with overall administration of the licensing, with the assistance of the IReL Steering Group. IRIS and the Steering Group work closely with the negotiators to obtain the optimum value and conditions of access on behalf of IReL users.

The IReL Steering Group is chaired by one of the IUA Librarians, and comprises a representative from each library, and the IReL staff. It meets about eight times a year to consider offers from publishers and to advise on issues relating to the licensing of IReL resources.

The IReL Monitoring Group was established to monitor the performance of IReL Resources, to promote IReL, and advise the IUA and IReL Steering Group. This includes actions deemed necessary to maintain adequate and appropriate coverage of resources in response to the changing needs of researchers.


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IReL Model Licence

The IReL Model Licence is based on the JISC Model Licence, with some small differences to encompass specific requirements of the Irish universities. It is updated approximately once a year. The license is constantly under review to ensure optimum access conditions for IReL member libraries.

IReL model licence


An initiative of the IUA Librarians

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

The IReL service has been a key element in transforming the landscape for scientific research in Ireland.
Dr Ray O'Neill, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, NUI Maynooth

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