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"The availability of the online IReL system which allows researchers to access a wide variety of scientific journals online has been a tremendous help and time saver for researchers at all levels."
Professor Martin Clynes, Dublin City University

"IReL is a great initiative; the ability to access papers immediately is a great enabler and makes research much more efficient."
Prof. Brian Fitzgerald, Vice President Research, University of Limerick

"The IReL service has been a key element in transforming the landscape for scientific research in Ireland. In terms of value for money it is hard to think of a better investment"
Dr Ray O'Neill, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, NUI Maynooth

"I think IReL is a huge joint achievement of the HEA, IUA & SFI and in particular the libraries of the institutions involved. The level of access to electronic journals in my research field (semiconductors and nanoscience) has been dramatically increased, through access to individual journals, databases and backfiles. This especially important for me, working in a relatively young institution, where archival access is, of necessity, limited. This electronic access, and the comprehensive search facilities which generally accompany it, is an absolute must for researchers, enabling them to get the information they need at their desktop and to efficiently plan their research and interpret their results in the most time-efficient way possible. I suffer no pangs of nostalgia about the days when these tasks were conducted at much slower speed by walking to the library to consult the Science Citation Index, then photocopying, or ordering via inter-library loan, the range of articles needed. I certainly have no regrets about extra 2-3 weeks delay this process often introduced. I think that IReL has really enabled a "quantum leap" in the electronic journal access services for researchers in Irish institutions and is bringing us to a level of international competitiveness in this area. The IReL fund for book purchases is also a very postive complementary initiative, enabling research texts and monographs (which are often extremely pricey and hard to justify in the university library budget due to a limited potential readership) to be purchased. I sincerely hope that the IReL initiative will be continued in the longer term and extended in its scope, and will thus continue to provide this absolutely necessary support for research in Ireland."
Dr Enda McGlynn, Dublin City University

"The availability of this reference tool is vital for our research, for writing reviews and papers and for the development of concepts for new research initiatives"
Professor Richard O'Kennedy, Dublin City University

"The IReL represents true realisation of value-added research expenditure in Ireland – it works exactly as it should, brings untold benefit to the whole community, and removes unnecessary replication of resources across the board. It keeps us up to date on the publications we are interested in accessing, and it is to be applauded."
Dr. David G. Lloyd, TCD Associate Dean of Research/Hitachi Lecturer, School of Biochemistry and Immunology/SFI PI

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Dublin City University

The availability of this reference tool is vital for our research, for writing reviews and papers and for the development of concepts for new research initiatives
Professor Richard O'Kennedy, Dublin City University

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